Web Design, Development & Maintenance

If you don't have a engaging online presence, you could be inadvertently turning away all those customers that start their research online. A professional website from Lupo Creative helps your company stand out from the crowd.

The way we approach web design is refreshingly simple and straightforward. We come at it as we would a printed brochure. Our designs start on a piece of paper. We believe that the limits of technology should not impede good design. Your online presence should reflect your corporate image, and should fit in with your printed materials. It is all part of the fun for us to take this unobstructed ideal and carefully turn it into something that will work on the internet without making any sacrifices along the way.

We will take care of everything – any required hosting, domain registration, image retouching, Flash animation, any video/audio production, search engine optimisation and submission, cost-per-click advertising, ongoing maintenance, even the full deployment of a Content Management System if required. Whatever you need, we can provide a full service from the beginning to the end of the project.


Satisfaction guaranteed — our promise to you.

To ensure you are entirely happy with your dealings with Lupo Creative, we make a number of promises to you.

  • We will get to know and understand your business and, more importantly, work out what your customers want to know about your company.
  • We will make sure we understand your requirements – for example, if you would like iPhone users to access a specific version of your site, or if you need to be able to update content easily yourself, we will discuss these various options with you and their associated costs.
  • We will assemble a plan of action including creating a site structure upfront so that we can ensure your visitors' journey through your website is taken into consideration from the beginning.
  • We will work with you to create the perfect design – providing you with mock-ups for your comments at every stage.
  • We will provide you with a clear list of our requirements – text, images, etc. that we will need from you.
  • We will source/create any content you might need for your new site including images, diagrams, photos, etc.
  • We will proof content and advise you of suggested changes.
  • We will write copy for you if required.
  • We will send you a working version of your website before making it live to the rest of the world.
  • We will only invoice you once you're happy with your new site.

Notable features — included as standard.

Many web designers will overlook or not understand the necessity of some of these requirements, or even charge extra for what should be included as standard.

  • We will "hand code" your website. Sounds laborious? Not really. Instead of simply relying on a computer application, we have a thorough working knowledge of the internet's coding standards. Building your site in this way enables us to do all of the following...
  • Validate your website code with the W3C Validator. Checking a website's code in this way ensures that it should display and operate as expected – across all modern web browsers. There's no point in providing you with a website that will only work in Internet Explorer, for example. Don't you want everyone to be able to view your site?
  • Make full use of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). This results in faster page loads, and keeps design seperated from content (enabling faster updates to your site in the future).
  • We will install a working print stylesheet on your website.
  • We will install Google Analytics onto your website, so that you can keep an eye on how many visitors you are receiving, which content is most popular, see whether your advertising is working, etc.
  • We will take care of domain registration and hosting. If you already have a domain or hosting, we can take care of registry changes, DNS entries, etc. without making additional charges. It's our headache, not yours!
  • We will perform extensive cross-browser testing making sure your site will always work, wherever and whoever it is served up to.